Updated: November 27, 2021

Recap: Our Philippines leaders took a charter flight that was specially arranged for them to Singapore and attended RIWAY International’s “12th Anniversary Gala Dinner” and “Diamond 3 Star Meeting” for the first time ever. It was a fruitful trip as our leaders could see the big mindset that RIWAY International has, and can set a bigger goal for themselves. We believe RIWAY Philippines will be stronger in 2020!

回顾:菲律宾领导人首次乘搭属于他们的专机到新加坡出席RIWAY 国际“12周年欢庆晚宴”,之后也出席了当地举办的“钻石3星会议”。这是一趟充满丰硕成果的行程,领导人看见了了RIWAY 国际的大格局,也为自己设下了远大的目标。我们相信2020年菲律宾会更强!