Updated: September 11, 2021

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What’s better than flying first class? Flying in your personal jet, of course! The world is your oyster, and the powerful drone of the jet engines will ensure the world’s distractions melt away. Recline in your leather seat and let your mind be still.

With a calm mind, you’ll be able to everything better, including focusing, studying, writing, reading, doing homework or working. And, with the world 25,000 feet below and your worries left behind, you can also take this opportunity to get a great night’s sleep.

The white noise will block out extraneous noises, including traffic, dogs, neighbors, family, roommates, typing, pets, etc. You’ll be so much more at peace without the constant disruptions. Take charge of your life, enjoy the flight and land at your dream destination! White noise 10 hours.

By the way, check out the awesome 8 Minute Sleep airline logo!

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