Medical Tourism in Panama is the topic of this interesting video from Timothy Zellmer at Hotel Central Boquete and Live Free University. Costs, Access, Quality are all discussed. It is incredible how well you are treated here in Panama! They really care for you! My experience has been just excellent! The price of Medication and Specialists are also discussed. The savings you make can be turned into a FREE Vacation to Boquete, Panama! Plus you can recover from your Dental Treatment in Hotel Central Boquete’s Jacuzzi! What could be better? Just as an aside… My Aunt and Uncle moved here and the savings from buying their medications here is MORE then they spend to live down here every month! Medical Tourism in Panama is the real deal.

Please be aware that if you move to Boquete, Panama with complex or advanced medical issues we may not have the level of care or medications nearby that were available to you in your home Country! My wife and daughter travel to Panama City is 8 hours away by bus and does have John Hopkins, many top-level specialists, and advanced treatments and medication but possibly not what you were accustomed to at home in a major medical center. Medication here in Panama can be significantly more or less as well as simply unavailable. Please check into the availability, quality, and price of the medicines, medical treatment and medical specialists you will be needing before you move to Panama. The travel time from Boquete to Panama City is 45 minutes by plane or 8 hours in a bus or 5 hours by car. High-Quality General Health evaluations are available here in Boquete and nearby (40 minutes away) in David and can refer you to a required Medical Specialist there in Panama City or nearby in David. We have a new Cardiology office that just opened here once a week in Boquete. Just like anywhere in the world if you are having a health problem you first need to have it checked out by a qualified General Medical Practitioner. These are very available thru our Provence of Chiriqui. I have heard all kinds of stories about medical care here in Panama but can only speak about my own personal experience and it has been very, very good! They take more time and seem to offer much more “care” than any place I was ever treated previously. My personal medical needs are simple and straight forward and have been excellent and quite economical. That is no guarantee that it will be the same for you. This is not legal or medical advice, you must make your own decisions and seek out well-qualified advisors. You have two options here, the Private and the Public health systems. I have used both, and my experience was good with both of them, and the Public system is very inexpensive.