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Karina Simonis is the director of business development at Atlanta air charter

Her introduction into the company/business was just a pilot. She wanted to get her private pilot license. Eventually she transitioned into the service business of private flying. Today she is the face and point of contact for many of Atlanta Air Charter’s clients and partners.

Getting started in the aviation industry can be as simple as cleaning the floors at a flight school. It’s such a small community but with a lot of great people that will help you climb the ladder up. There are plenty of opportunities in aviation, either on the business side or if your goal is simply to fly airplanes. You can start your pilot journey at any time.

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Private Jets Revealed

After attending a party at Pebble Beach and seeing private jets landing by the dozens (a slight exaggeration) and what can only be called valets guiding them to their parking spaces I thought “this is a world I know nothing about.”

I’m a member of the 99% who sit in coach, drags their bag through the airport and waits in ever longer security lines before getting a seat that pushes my knees into my chin. Once seated we’re provided a menu of items to purchase but often the only things left are cans of Pringles.

Well there’s a whole other way to travel where the planes wait for you to take off, you can drive right up to the plane and staff will grab your bags, no TSA pat downs or scans, they serve you great meals, fine wines, plenty of snacks, have the movies you requested and you free WiFi if you choose to work while sitting in your comfy, leather swivel chair. Of course, you can also take a nap in your bedroom, shower or just stretch out in a lounge chair.

Of course, there are drawbacks. Like being a target for kidnappers but there are people you can hire to handle the nasty bits. So climb aboard and see another reason life at the top isn’t all that bad.


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Private Jet Charter to Vegas Winners Video

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