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Jet charter flights to Sun Valley, Idaho, are served by Friedman Memorial Airport. Call 866.521.5387 to book a private chartered aircraft.
Your private plane will land nearby Idaho’s Sun Valley Resort. Private jet fliers will enjoy Sun Valley, Idaho, in the summer or winter.
Enjoy hiking, trail riding, tennis, mountain biking, fishing, golfing, kayaking, and much more during the summer months—not to mention weekly or daily music concerts and outstanding shopping opportunities.
During the winter, of course, there’s world-class snow skiing at elevation 5,920 feet above sea level. Many people stay at the Sun Valley Resort. Built in 1936, the resort brought the European ski culture to the United States and today it remains a premier, high-end destination offering lodging as well as casual or fine dining.
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10 Newest Private Jets with the Most Exclusive Interiors in Corporate Aviation

Expensive cars, watches and large houses are the usual indicators of a rich person, but it is the luxury of flying and especially owning a private jet that could be considered the pinnacle of financial success in the modern world.

For those of you who have their goals set on becoming billionaires and those of us who simply enjoy watching marvels of modern aviation, today we will be reviewing the newest as well as the best business jet models with the most impressive performance characteristics and interior designs.

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Gulfstream G700:

After 14,000 hours of indoor tests, five experimental units, and cumulative efforts of nearly 13 thousand employees around the world, the Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation unveiled its new flagship private jet, 2020 Gulfstream G700.

Cessna Citation Longitude:

After 4,050 hours of test flights, the Longitude has achieved Type Certification by the Federal Aviation Administration and entered the Citation lineup as the new super-midsize flagship of the Textron Aviation.

Honda Jet Elite:

The first Honda Jet has been introduced in 2015, but since 2018, it is also available in a new Elite modification that increases the original range by 214 nautical miles to 1437, gets improved avionics, more aerodynamic main wing airfoil and fuselage nose design.

Falcon 8X:

2019 Falcon 8X is advertised as a flagship aircraft from the French manufacturer Dassault Aviation, that is based on the 7X model, with a reworked wing architecture, a 3.5-feet longer cabin, 500-pounds higher payload capacity, and more efficient engines.

Bombardier Global Line 5500/6500/7500:

Canada’s Bombardier is launching the longer-range variants of the aircraft in their Global line, namely 5500, 6500 and 7500 models. The jets are expected to have 13% better fuel burn resulting in range of 5,700, 6,600 and 7,700 nautical miles respectively.

Embraer Lineage 1000e:

Available for private ownership, the Embraer 1000e aircraft from the Lineage series is an ultra large corporate jet that needs to be operated by 2 crew members, and depending on the chosen configuration, accommodates from 13 to 19 passengers.

Cessna Citation Sovereign+:

Being a member of the Citation family, the Cessna Sovereign shares all of the advantages with the sibling aircraft like the ease of operation, low maintenance costs and unmatched dispatch reliability.

Gulfstream G600:

Gulfstream G600 received both its type and production certificates from the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration in summer 2019, which means that the company is ready to deliver this business jet to customers for as little as $58 million.

Falcon 6X:

Falcon 6X is an upcoming business jet by Dassault that is already under construction. Its test flight is expected to take place sometimes in 2021.

Boeing BBJ 777 Max:

Until the Boeing Business Jet MAX models remain grounded, the BBJ 777 will remain the flagship within the corporate jets lineup of the American behemoth. This aircraft is offered in two variations BBJ777-8 and 777-9.

Airbus ACJ320neo:

Since Boeing is in a big trouble with their new generation MAX aircraft, the Airbus 320neo family will inevitably become a single option best-seller on the market. Their ACJ line benefits from the widest and tallest in the class cabin and two of the industry’s latest-generation engines.


कैसे एक प्राइवेट जहाज़ मेरी गाड़ी से भी सस्ता पड़ता है? कनाडा में जहाज़ की कीमत, माइलेज और पहली उड़ान!

मुझे यह जानके बेहद हैरानी हुई की कनाडा में एक सेकंड हैंड प्राइवेट जहाज़ की कीमत इंडिया में मेरी गाड़ी से भी काम है. यहाँ सिर्फ २५ घंटे की उड़न के बाद बेसिक फ्लयिंग परमिट भी मिल जाता है जो मई लेने आया हूँ ताकि खुद जहाज़ उड़ा सकूँ. मेरी पहली उड़ान और एक जहाज़ खरीदने और चलने से जुड़े खर्चो का पूरा वर्णन इस वीडियो में किया गया है.

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