Goddamn Electric Bill – Freeride Jet Ski – Prelude Publishing

Prelude Publishing introduces Goddamn Electric Bill’s “Country Jam” in this clip from The Nascency Project’s “Freeride, Mexico”. Two-time world champion Ross Champion and others ride big waves in Mexico.

Prelude Publishing is a dedicated licensing company that is based on the concept of helping exceptional independent musicians. You can hear Goddamn Electric Bill’s music in Sundance Film Festival’s feature film “Douchebag”.

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Other Links:
Goddamn Electric Bill – http://www.goddamnelectricbill.com/
The Nascency Project – http://www.nascencyproject.com/


WTF Happened to Scott Speed?

Some of the Red Bull juniors that make it to Formula 1 fall by the wayside. One of these drivers was Scott Speed – the last American to compete full-time in Formula 1. But why did his career in the topflight of motorsport last just a measly one and a half years?

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Here We Go Again…Red Bull Snow Cranks

Here We Go Again…
You may have seen a few clips here and there from this winter’s Red Bull Snow Cranks session at Mountain Creek, NJ, but here for the first time, are all the highlights of what went down out on the hill that day. This video happens to feature some of the original DH Productions Stable of Knuckleheads(tm): Aaron Chase, Lars Tribus, Kyle Ebbett, and Jeff Lenosky, as well as relative newcomers George Ryan and Adam Hauck. 
In addition to the normal DVD format, Here We Go Again… is now being offered as a digital download on Amazon.com



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