Frontenac Outfitters Stand Up Paddleboard Event

Join us Sat. June 23rd for a day of walking on water during Frontenac Outfitter’s 3rd Annual Paddleboard Event. Learn about the different types of boards and their ideal uses, the advantages of hard boards and inflatables, and take part in on-water demonstrations and SUP games!

The event takes place from 11:00am – 4:30pm and is free of charge! Bring the whole family and come paddleboard with us!


The 2020 Summerboard // How it Works

The all new 2020 Summerboard was rebuilt from the ground up with all new hardware, software and a ton of upgrades and new features.

The biggest difference you’ll notice is the double wide Powerball drive wheels. The wider wheel provides a wider base to balance on, making learning and riding even easier. The spherical shape makes edge to edge transitions smooth and consistent. Also, the new shape resists tearing and breaking – so much that each drive wheel carries a 12 month guarantee!

Next, you’ve probably noticed the top of the board changed a lot. We moved the removable battery and all electronics to the top of the board. This helps with water resistance and weight distribution, but also now allows for board slides on rails at your local skate park.

The remote control also got a major upgrade, with a screen that displays battery levels, riding modes and even the current speed.

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Psycho Turns, Bloody Beatings and Sharks!!! John John Florence @ Margaret River| The Lineup Rearview

John John Florence joins The Lineup Rearview and talks us through some next level rail to rail surfing, the bloody beating that followed, and the ever-present threat of sharks in Western Australia. Bloody Beating at 1:30!

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Surfing PERFECT rights from HURRICANE ISAIAS!! DRONE footage North Florida

8/1/2020 Hurricane Isaias North Florida surf

The storm stayed off the coast but delivered some EPIC rights that formed from the outside all the way in. St. Augustine got some really solid waves and I possibly scored my longest right in Florida. While waiting for the swell to cleanup I get a skate session in on my Carver Skateboard. By the end of the week I was so tired I took out the drone to film some local St. Augustine surfers!

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Osaka 3 AM – Ooy
Imba Wimbo – RaFa Orchestra
Dance Dance – Psuche