Windsurfing Quick Tips: Tacking and Front Hand Position

Learning to windsurf and unlocking new moves can be challenging, but with this weeks windsurfing quick tips you will learn to tack like a pro in no time. Making that perfect tack is pretty high up on most windsurfers ‘to learn’ list (no matter how many years you have been sailing). Follow Sam’s brilliant tips from this week and see how you get on:

With our front hand grab the mast pretty low to create more space
When going to the other side move the sail across into the space you leave behind.

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2 Huge Freestyle Jet Ski Wipeouts At Chicago Air & Water Show 2009

On day one Team Twangled Pro Freestyle Jet Skier Mike Niksic Went huge on an attempted back flip and wiped out huge, but caught the boat on impact and ended up riding it out.. Kyle Burtka sunk his ski on Saturday, recovered it, restored it, and returned Sunday. Sunday the video shows Kyle’s crash as the ski ended up pulling him under the waves of Lake Michigan. Niksic, the next rider in the line-up for the double ups had to commit to his jump before getting to Kyle. He ended up pulling Kyle from under the water as a near drowning occurred. Burtka was taken to Northwestern Hospital and treated for water ingestion and hypothermia. He was released in good condition later in the day. This live actual footage shot by Tony Papa.
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