Updated: September 28, 2021

This webinar session, recorded on Thursday 23 April 2020, put our Bachelor’s in International Hospitality Business under the spotlight. A hand-picked panel of current students and senior staff members introduce the program’s academic content and internship opportunities, as well as student life on campus.

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0:00 Start
2:41 Introduction to the Program
4:00 Progressive Learning
6:05 A 3.5 Year Program
10:53 3 Specializations
12:37 Study in up to 6 Locations
15:02 International Internships
17:16 Internship Facts
23:37 Career & Internship Portal
25:37 Examples of Internships
29:20 Our Campuses
31:55 Our Students in Figures
33:30 Events and Excursions
35:26 Sports Clubs & Teams
36:50 Student Government Association & Committees
38:16 Ambassador Program
42:50 Q&A

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