Updated: May 15, 2021

A traditional motorhome can be a great companion on a journey across continents, but if your travel aspirations reach beyond the oceans or require fast transfers between destinations, an RV just wont do the trick! Luckily, there is a special breed of homes with wings, represented by business jets and luxurious airliners. These planes are fully furnished with comfortable beds, bathrooms and kitchens, to make you feel like you have never walked out of your house!
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0:36 #1 Falcon 8X

Falcon 8X is a super range business jet by Dassault Aviation that succeeds the Falcon 7X, featuring a longer 43 ft cabin and increased range of 6,450 nmi.

1:56 #2 2019 Embraer Lineage 1000e

The 2019 Embraer Lineage 1000e business jet is the largest in the fleet of the Brazilian manufacturer Embraer and is a variant of the Embraer 190 regional jet airliner. It has mid-range capabilities being able to cover 4,600 nautical miles at the speed of 472 knots.

3:16 #3 Gulfstream G650 and G650 ER

Gulfstream G650 and G650 ER are the company’s largest and fastest business jet offerings. The planes can accommodate up to 19 passengers and have a maximum operating speed of 0.925 Mach or 612 knots. The G650 is good for 7000 nautical miles, while the G650 ER adds 500 more nm to the mix.

4:36 #4 2018 Sukhoi Business Jet

The business variant of this aircraft is based on the SSJ 100 regional jet and is manufactured by the Russian design bureau Sukhooi, which is a division of the national United Aircraft Corporation. The SBJ is equipped with saberlets and fuel efficient SaM146 engines.

5:56 #5 2020 Cessna Citation Hemisphere

2020 Cessna Citation Hemisphere is promised to be the most advanced Citation ever. The cabin of the aircraft is divided into several areas, including refreshing zone, seating and sleeping area, lavatory, and closet, with a possibility of further customization.

7:16 #6 Bombardier Global

Long range models from the Global Series by Bombardier have been on the market since 1998, proving to be quite successful in the class of large cabin business jets. Currently, the lineup includes 6 models that differ in speed, passenger capacity, and range.

8:36 #7 2019 Airbus ACJ Line

In case your travel party includes several dozen people or if a journey without bringing the whole mansion along is out of the option, then why not board a private plane based on the Airbus airliner. The ACJ range of aircraft from the French manufacturer, includes ultra-luxury planes based on the A318 through A350 XWB.

9:56 #8 Cessna CJ3+

Compared to the rest of the giants on our list, the CJ3+ would be a tiny camper van, rather than a fully fledged house with wings, but nevertheless it deserves to be mentioned being one of the most popular models on today’s market.